WD-1 DJ-TRAINER helpfiles


The WD-1 is based on six looping sounds: the loops. There are 3 beats, 2 guitars and a piano.When you start the WD-1 the loops are started but their volume is set to zero. By clicking on one of the loops you set its volume to maximum. By clicking again the volume is set back to zero. In the display you can see which loop has it's volume set to maximum.

Triggered Sounds

The soundbuttons will play a sound once. No volume involved. It's your job to time them with the beat.


The soundbuttons are:
Scratches, Hit, Solo, Shouts, Vocals, Chords, Clav, Horns and Crash.


The main start and stop buttons will start or stop all loops.

Beats on/off

The beats on/off buttons will set the volume of all the beats to zero or maximum. The guitars and piano will continue at their present volume. When you stop the beats, by clicking on off, you can only restart them by clicking on on. While the beats are off you can select a different rhythm by clicking on the beat buttons before restarting the beats.


The display will show you which loops are selected, the VU meters show the output of the loops and if a FADE is in progress, a F is shown.


Here you can choose a different soundbank.


There are 22 soundbanks to choose from. Some music styles, like TECHNO and HIPHOP, have more than one soundbank.

All soundbanks are made by Wortel Drie.


The WD-1 comes with two filters: Highpass (HP) and Lowpass (LP). Click the LP or HP button to select the filtertype. With the slider you can select the cut-off frequency and use the filter button to turn the filter on or off. The Filter works on the Loops only.


When HOLD is selected the Triggered Sounds will only be played when the mouse or a key is pressed. If you release the mouse or key, the Sound is stopped. This feature doesn't work on touchscreens


When FADE is selected the Loops will fade in or out. During the fade a F is shown in the display.


Add some extra dimension to the loops with the REVERB feature. Click the button below the loop to turn the reverb on or off.

Keyboard Control

Use your keyboard to control all sounds and the Beats ON/OF feature. The corresponding characters will be shown on the keys. When hold his selected the sounds will stop when the key is released.